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Vipassana Day 11: Finishing the Course, Refreshed.

April 11, 20186th Cosmos

4:30 a.m., K came to wake me up (again, I did not hear the gong.) Every one gathered at the dining hall to listen to Goenkaji’s discourse for one last time. The ambience was more relaxed.


Then we proceed to the Dhamma Hall, for the last group sitting session of the retreat. After breakfast, everyone started packing and getting ready to go back to the secular world.


I suddenly felt a bit sad, to leave here. I guess I just got used to live here, having my routine, and I finally didn’t feel as much pain when sitting for long hours. Then time’s up, everyone got to go. Maybe this is the “Anicca” that the teacher Goenka kept talking about in the past 10 days. Alambana comes and goes.


I was the first student to arrive on the first day, now I was the last to leave. I became the only one at the dorm again, just as the first day when I first arrived here.

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